May, 2015:

​21st:​  The Game is sponsoring JENSOMNIA Thursday night with Jenny McCarthy!  Check it all out on Twitter and win a free game!!

21st:​  We are heading to Beans On Cracker for their show live this Wednesday at 7 pm.  Go to to check it out!

The Game of Sex and The Casual Sex Project have hooked up!  Head to and check out their website and posts all about sex!

April, 2015:

What a great show with Mark and Lynda!  Thank you so much guys, we loved being on your show!  Head to to replay it.

February, 2015:  

Karen Summer will be reviewing the game next week!  Tune in Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm pst.

Janaury, 2015:

Slutty Girl Problems posted a review about The Game!  We're pretty excited!!

The Game was at both the SHE and AVN Expos in January and sold out!  It was wonderful meeting so many fantastic couples!!  Thanks for all the great emails about The Game and keep them coming!

I bought this as a surprise for my wife.  I've a bought a few other games, before but we hated them, because you just repeat the same things.  This game was great.  I liked the drinking games and my wife like the questions in the beginning.  It was great to warm up to getting crazy for my wife.  By the end, we were both very ready!

​- Bob

​"My husband and I had a blast playing The Game of Sex.  The Game incorporates talking, role-playing, and toys.  Many of the games of this type are lacking in these areas of foreplay.  As a woman, I was pleased to see this included. "  

- Michelle


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The Game of Sex :  nominated for 2015 & 2016 Game of the Year!

Email Us:

My boyfriend and I bought the game at the SHE Expo.  We listened to the pitch about it being the only game that builds up slowly, that you can personalize it, etc. and were skeptical but thought we would try it.  I will have to say, that everything that was promised is true.  We have played it three times now and changed how we played every time.  We have also experimented with some actions and toys that we wanted to because of the HOUSE RULES which we changed every time we played!  Love, love, love this game!

​- Mary, Chicago

​The Game of Sex